9 Non-Alcoholic Things to do in Goa

The goa nightlife is second to none with its clubs, drinks, food and music. But what about the ones who prefer a sober holiday? The ones who actually remember all of it. Can Goa be equally fun for them? Yes! Absolutely yes! There are so many things to do in Goa for you guys! Goa does not judge, nor is it selective, there is a place for every saint and sinner in this paradise. So here are 9 things to do in goa to get every teetotaller packed and ready to spend the weekend at Goa.


Get your adventure game on!

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One of the main attractions of Goa are the adventure sports spread across the coast. From jet skiing to surfing to scuba diving, Goa has pretty much everything a beach can offer. You also have an amazing panel trekking activities that reach out into the mountains, not to mention white water rafting along the rivers and cycling across Chorao Island.


Bonfire the f%#k out!

The beaches too have a charm of their own. Go for a long walk at night and sit next to a bunch sitting around a bonfire and enjoy the night filled with stories and laughter, or just make one yourself and enjoy with your friends. It matters not whether you fit into the crowd there, as I said, Goa does not judge. This would be the perfect solo traveller’s bucket list item among the things to do in Goa


Hit the Beach Shacks

Shiva Valley at Anjuna Beach

If you want some great food, head off to one of the beach shacks sprinkled along the shores. They all have a unique vibe, amazing goan food and some even offer live music. The best ones are Curlies and Shiva Valley, both located at Anjuna Beach. These shacks are known to be among the best places to visit in Goa.


Get a Massage

Done with the goa nightlife? Alright Batman, time to go Bruce Wayne: Get yourself a massage. Goa has a sizable population of massage parlors you could try. They all offer a soothing massage bound to relieve you of all stress and tension. You can even find a masseuse along the beaches as well.


Catch a Crab!

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Crab Catching is another popular activity among the things to do in Goa. Since seafood is one of the best things here, no doubt, they know what to do with crabs as well. The sport is known to be a really fun experience and teaches you to use a special crab catching apparatus known as the ‘Kobblem’. They are practiced at the estuaries, but keep in mind that you will get your hands dirty during the process.


Dil Chahta Hai Chapora!

Picture Credits: dichotomy-of-irony.blogspot.in

Now it is time to take a hike and head to the Chapora Fort where the famous scene from ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ was shot. The Fort has a breathtaking view of the adjacent beach and you are sure to have an amazing time there just sitting and chilling out with your gang of Tom, Dick & Harry, wondering how great a movie about you guys would be. You will find this fort frequenting the anyone’s bucket list of places to visit in goa. The fort is about 10 km away from Mapusa and you can take a bus from there.


Bag the Flea Markets:

Saturday Night Market at Anjuna Beach

Next up, try on of the local flea markets. They have an long panel of stalls selling products that can entice buyers from pretty much any planet. Plus it is really fun just walking through the numerous shops embracing the clockwork that is kept going by the shopkeepers and customers. There are two famous flea markets in goa: The Saturday night flea market at Arpora, and the Wednesday Anjuna Flea market. The latter is one of the living heritage of the Hippies from the 60s and is one of the most popular places to visit in Goa.


Write the Motorcycle Diaries

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Goa can really bring out the explorer inside everyone. Here you can take the road less travelled and still be assured that you won’t be disappointed. Each trail leads to some fort, a secret beach or a breathtaking vista to hold you down some may even lead you to cross the waters on a boat to reach an island with its own treasures. So Goa is one place BUILT for a bike ride. South Goa, especially, is ideal for this since that is the quieter part of town. With a bike rental shop spread across goa, getting one for a few days is not going to be a hassle.


Dig up the Roots

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It is time to go back in time to the roots. As most of you may know, goa shares a history with the Portuguese, and it is about time people went around exploring its remnants. The churches aren’t the only things they left behind, but their recipes as well! Another lesser known fact is that there is a piece of Buddhist history tucked away among the many hidden gems of goa We leave the exploration to you (you can find a clue at the Rivona Village in South Goa). Also know that Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of the famous band ‘Queen’ spent his childhood growing up in goa. Perhaps there is a bit of his past left there for you to uncover.

Freddie Mercury