Who We Are

“If Only We Knew Someone Here!”

We started out with the mission to make your travel a memorable experience. It’s because we’ve been on trips where we’ve hoped – if only we knew someone here!

Our story started in 2014, on a trip to Mexico City. We did a lot of sightseeing from the Aztec pyramids to the downtown, but the best part was the time spent exploring the markets and having home cooked dinner with a friend’s family. In no other way could the experience have been more authentic.


Social Network for Travellers

Today we try very hard to recreate that experience for each one of you as you set out to explore a new place. Through RuddBuddy, our goal is to be the ultimate social network for travellers to discover and share experiences from a place.

Our RuddBuddies are individuals who come from various walks of life – artists, foodies, history buffs, photographers, adrenaline junkies, students, teachers and others passionate about their local culture.

Anyone can be a RuddBuddy, and anyone can seek to experience the local culture with the help of a RuddBuddy. Even better you can share your experience through blogs and images on the website.


Seeking out new Experience

Since we constantly seek unique experiences to add to RuddBuddy, there is always something to look forward to with each visit – whether you are an experience-seeker, an experience-provider, a blogger or a photographer.