Bouldering in Hampi – All You Need to Know

Legend has it that the Hampi rocks and boulders were arranged into its unique landscape because the battle between Sugriva and Vali was so intense that they threw boulders at each other.

But millions of years ago, before the Vijayanagar Empire or Kishkindha, the Hampi rocks were just chunks of titanic granite monoliths. Over time, nature played the sculptor with storms, rain, and wind to chisel and carve these rocks. Some of these pieces could not hold their balance and crumbled down into heaps, while others remained in their peculiar positions to mystify the spectators. At the time of the Vijayanagar Empire, these gigantic rocks were carved into temples and are now a symbol of their marvelous architecture.

Today, with cracks and crevices strewn along the surfaces of these boulders, the Hampi boulders have amassed the attention of a genre of adventurists known as ‘Bouldering’.

Bouldering is a raw mountaineering sport that strips you down to your strength, balance, and brain, by letting go of supportive tools like ropes and harnesses to scale surfaces. Rather than scaling gigantic mountains, these rock climbers prefer short but challenging routes or ‘problems’ as they call it. This sport is said to be an exhilarating art that challenges and tests you and your abilities, at the same time, giving a gratifying experience.

Katie Brown

Among these brainy and brawny adventurists, Chris Sharma, a world-renowned rock climber with many notable accolades, was featured in a documentary, that released in 2003, about the bouldering opportunities in Hampi. The documentary was directed by Josh Lowell and also featured climbers Katie Brown and Nate Gold. This put bouldering in Hampi on the global map!

Chris Sharma on the first ascent of “Spicy Noodle”, White Mountain, Yangshuo, China.

Travelers and adventurists from across the globe began flocking their way here to taste this newfound paradise among these Hampi boulders. As the volume of adventurists grew at exponential rates, the locals seized the opportunity to create a facilitating market by learning the sport and launching shops that rent out equipment and offers training for bouldering in Hampi.

In 2017, a festival called Zero Gravity Bouldering Fest was held here and brought internationally renowned climbers and musicians all under one roof for a fun-filled, psychedelic and explosive week meant for adventurists and travellers alike.

Today, Hampi has become the prime location for Bouldering in India.

If you ever visit this blissful paradise, do not leave without an awesome adventure among the Hampi boulders and rocks. If you are a novice, that is okay.

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