How to Find the Best Beach in Goa Tailored to You

When it comes to selecting the best beach in Goa, your options span over a range that stretches for miles. Finalising the ones perfect for you could get tiresome. Sometimes you may doubt whether any of the beaches in Goa are suitable for you. But the fact is, it matters not whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, whether you prefer the tranquillity and luxury of the beach resorts, or the eclectic and energising Goa nightlife, the beaches in Goa have it all. So whichever world you come from, here is a guide to picking out the best beach in Goa.

The Families

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Cavelossim Beach:

The White sand, the breath-taking sunset and the black lava rocks of the Cavelossim Beach are exactly what you need to get your family in the holiday mood. This is also one of the beaches in Goa that offers you the option of going on a cruise for a dolphin spotting adventure. All this coupled with the tranquillity of South Goa, away from the noise of the parties up north, Cavelossim makes an excellent choice for a family time vacation.


Palolem Beach:

With an atmosphere that showcases a safe, friendly and a relaxed vibe, this beach offers what every family vacationers look for. Among features of Palolem beach like dolphins, south Indian food, yoga sessions, massages and more, the one that stands out most is kayaking, which is pretty much the best way to explore the area.


Varca beach:

This is beach is known to be one of the cleanest beaches in Goa and is free of hawkers. Though you find a row of boats parked on the shore, the calm and quiet nature of Varca beach makes it a good choice for families.

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The Lovers

Anjuna beach:

Anjuna is one place that many claims to be the best beach in Goa. The unique vibe of the beach, the Saturday night flea market, a panel of diverse adventure sport activities and a bunch of beach shacks to ensure you don’t lose the Goa nightlife, all come together to create the perfect nest for couples with a taste for the exuberant life.


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Butterfly beach:

The Butterfly beach features a unique romantic ambience with butterflies flying around the hilltops and a beautiful night to make your evenings. This is one of the beaches in Goa that is still being explored, so it is not very crowded, making it a good choice for couples out and about looking for some privacy.


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Ashwem Beach:

A breathtaking landscape, white sands, a row of shacks serving the delicious goan seafood, waters that entice you to go for a dip, a conservatory for Olive Ridley Turtles, and a beach that is not well known among tourists. All in all, Ashwem beach has created a brilliant resume as one of the best beach in Goa for couples.

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The Night owls and Party Animals

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Anjuna Beach:

This all-rounder beach has done a good job in making a name for itself among the party goers and nightlife seekers. Beyond the beach shacks like the famous ‘Curlies’, Anjuna beach also hosts a lot of rave parties over the weekends. This beach also has a way of growing on you the more you frequent it. Also, Do not forget the Saturday night Flea Market!

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Vagator Beach:

Vagator has been a hotspot for the foreign crowd for ages and has also been hosting the Sunburn festival till the year of 2016, after which it was shifted to Pune (whether sunburn returns to Goa still remains to be seen). The aura of Vagator shows off a gorgeous palette of local art work, amazing beach shacks and quite a few exuberant nightclubs like the 9Bar and the Tin Tin Bar


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Candolim Beach:

Candolim beach houses a number of famous nightclubs like the SinQ, Club LPK-Love Passion Karma and more, moreover, the beach has also been seasoned with a panel of adventure sport activities as well. Perfect for the night owls with a flare for adrenaline.

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The Backpackers

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Anjuna Beach:

Anjuna has struck yet again! With an abundance of backpacker hostels, cheap accommodation, beach shacks, and the famous Saturday night flea market, this beach has built itself a lot of fame among the hippies and backpackers who wish to nest along the beaches in Goa.

Arambol Beach:

With a decent seasoning of everything from the Goa nightlife to adventure sports to the serene landscapes, this beach offers everything a backpacker wants in just the right amount. The huts are Budget-friendly and the markets cater to all the hippie needs. The crowd here is thin yet perfect company for backpackers and hippies. Arambol has a good backpacker hostel called the ‘Happy Panda Hostel’ which makes a good choice of stay.


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Palolem Beach:

This beach is for backpackers who wish to stay close enough to the Goa nightlife. Though it is now more or less one of the mainstream beaches in Goa, it still supports the hippie and backpacker crowd with its delicious food and Budget-friendly accommodation along the colourful huts. The choices of backpacker hostels here are the Roadhouse hostel and SUMMER by thehostelcrowd.

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The Thrill-seekers

Dona Paula Beach:

This beach is dedicated to all nature lovers and adventurists in search of adrenaline pumping activities. Adjacent to the Mondovi river, this beach has scoped out a wide variety of adventure sports like kayaking, snorkelling, water-skiing, windsurfing, toboggan ski-biscuiting, ski-bobbing, yachting and a range of fishing activities like, sport fishing and harpoon fishing. In terms of the scene of water-sports in Goa, Dona Paula beach would be a prime choice.


Calangute Beach:

This beach is known as the ‘Queen of Beaches’ and it is a well deserved title. The place offers a range of activities like speed boating, parasailing, water skiing and much more. The beautiful landscapes and the flora brings in a picturesque view as well. But keep in mind, the beach will get a bit crowded but that just goes to say how popular it is.


Baga Beach:

This is one of the beaches in Goa that supports families, couples, stags and pretty much any kind of crowd. The Palette of water sport activities include parasailing, jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkelling, wake-boarding and much more. The beach also houses an abundance of nightlife as well.


The Luxury Treats

Sinquerim Beach:

This small beach encloses two Taj Hotels, a breathtaking vista along the golden sands, the Aguada Fort and within range of Baga and Candolim Beach. Sinquerim is ideal for anyone looking for a luxurious holiday in close proximity to all the action of the Goa nightlife.


Varca & Mobor:

Mobor and Varca beaches are ornamented with wonderful resorts housing private beaches with white sands and calming waves. These resorts are well equipped to accommodate the taste of the crowd in search of luxurious holidays. They also host an exquisite nightlife as a cherry on top. The Taj Exotic, Leela, and the Zuri are among the well known resorts here.