Why Goa is Where You Must Go to “Chill Out”

You are probably well aware of the fame Goa tourism has accumulated over the years. Yet if you still have not been there, then you must know what you are missing. The life we see in Goa today was cocktailed by chefs from both the present as well as history. In the world of travel, there are mountains and there are beaches, everything else lies in between. In goa, all of them are housed under the same roof. The variety of life here spans wide enough to accommodate travellers of almost any taste. So, it matters not who or what you are, If it’s a long weekend, you belong here. So here is a guide tailored to help understand better the places to visit in goa for the different kinds of people.

The Family Vacation:

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True, Goa tourism has everything a family expects from a beach. The kids can hang around on the beach making sand castles or playing with the frisbee, while mummy and daddy could either join in or have a peaceful moment. But you can get these things on pretty much any beach in India, so why should Goa be any different? Simple: the Goa tourism offers so much more with a panel of adventurous activities like parasailing, banana boat rides, jet skiing and so much more! A stay along the beaches in Goa is loaded with just too much fun. The best beaches for families are Anjuna and Palolem beach. If you prefer a quieter one, try Ashwem or Morjim Beach.

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One of the best things to in Goa is munching on the delicious food. A must-try when you are here with your family. With an endless range of both veg and non-veg dishes to entice your tummy, you are never going to run out of choices on the menu. The best of the goan food are served at Joe’s River Cove, Britto’s, Peppers Gourmet Cuisine, Mum’s Kitchen and Viva Panjim.

Dudhsagar Falls

Beyond these, go hiking along the the famous trails like the dudhsagar trek or the Nethravali trek. The Dudhsagar trek in particular is a well known kid-friendly family experience that takes you along a short trek to the falls where you can even try feeding the macaques.

Explore further and you are bound to come across amazing wildlife sanctuaries such as the famous Salim Ali bird sanctuary, located in Chorao Island. This bird sanctuary ranks out as one of the best places to visit in goa.

The Solo Journey:

So you are a solo act. Perfect! Goa is just the right place for you. You will probably want to go all Captain Kirk and explore all the cracks and crevices and meet the different people. The first thing you need to do is check in to one of the backpacker Hostels there, make a few friends and get out there with them to explore the hidden gems of Goa. They are also bound to know more about the places to visit in Goa.

After the 60s, during which time Goa became part of the Hippie trail, it turned out to be a fan favourite destination among backpackers and travellers around the world. Since then Goa has evolved to become a paradise for solo travellers and explorers, creating a platform for them to socialize and share stories and experiences as well. The best hotspots for you guys would be: Arambol, Anjuna & Vagator beach. These places are also well known a hotspots to experience the Goa nightlife.

Another one among the things to do in Goa would be to rent a bike and hit the road. Goa is one destination that fits the biker in you perfectly.

The Bachelor Party:

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Well I’m sure there are a lot of squad goals you have to finish up before you tie the knot. Come here for the final showdown. With possibilities of high end luxuries like private cruises, rented Limos, and the exuberant goa nightlife, you have everything here for a Bachelor’s Party. Start off with an energetic evening at the numerous parties of the Goa nightlife sprawled across the many pubs and nightclubs in goa, each with its own flavor. If getting roaring drunk is what you want, then try the local Feni, a spirit made of either cashew or palm, available exclusively in Goa. Be warned that it has a strong smell and it is not for the faint hearted.

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You can recover from the hangover with the clam serenity of the amazing beaches there. If you want to go out exploring, just head out and try out one of the many hidden gems of Goa, places to visit and things to do in goa. Renting out a few bikes would a splendid idea.

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The Chapora Fort is one of those places to visit in goa you cannot miss. This iconic fort has a breathtaking scenery and calming vibe and is also where the famous movie ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ was shot.
Also do make it a point to try out activities like snorkelling or scuba diving. I always say: You cannot know the true meaning of colour unless you have seen the life underwater.


The College Trip:

College trip? Then I assume your dad might know that you are here and you are probably on a budget. Not an issue, Goa knows well how to show you the great time! Beach huts and backpacker hostels are the way to go. The goa nightlife is obviously in your bucket list so we are sure you will not shy away from it.

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Adventure sports is another feature of the Goa tourism. From water sports like jet skiing, scuba diving and snorkelling, to other activities like hiking and kayaking, Goa has it all. The range of adventure sports in Goa spans a lot farther than I can write about in one paragraph.

Another thing is that there are a number of noteworthy colleges in Goa, so there are a number of hangout spots for students. Hugs & Mugs Cafe, and Andy’s Cafe in Mapusa are two sought after places for the college folk. Try the latter on a Waffle-Wednesday for a special treat. ‘Baker’s Street in Chogm road is another spot well known for the variety of amazing Doughnuts! If you are all about chocolate, try the thirsty bear for a frenzy of nutella waffles, chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!


Ladies Day Out:

Leave your heels and full length Denims, to have fun going beachwear! Here in Goa, you are safe to have as much fun as you want, you are only bound by common sense. Head off to one of those nightclubs in goa, or better yet, head to Tito’s lane, where every night is ‘Lady’s night’! Or you could even try Club Cubana, where every wednesday is ‘Ladies Night’. If alcohol is not your thing, head out to the famous Curlie’s at Anjuna which happens to serve an amazing platter  of goan food.

Goa is also known for the amazing shopping experiences like the local flea markets, especially the saturday night market at Anjuna. These markets have a range of items that spans from everything to everything else.

In the midst of all this energy, one of the best things to do in goa is taking long walks on Palolem and Agonda beach to experience the real serenity of this blissful paradise.


The Anniversary’s Romance:

There are a number of beach resorts in goa, where the breathtaking vistas of their private beaches have been tamed just to enrich your romance. There are a number of honeymoon packages here as well. To read more about the most romantic retreats in Goa, check out the Blog:

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The islands of goa also make a wonderful spot for a some romance. One such island is Grande Island, which is known for snorkelling. Since they are mostly overlooked by the tourists, these islands offer the much needed privacy.

One of the best features of Goa tourism is that a lot of the restaurants that have opened here which provide a romantic vibe that will really get you and your partner in the right mood. A great choice for the foodie couples. Just head out and go on a goan food eating spree. The local dishes have a spicy yet tangy flavor. The best ones are the tuscany Gardens in Sinquerim, Down the Road in Panaji, and Thalassa in Vagator.


Corporate Retreat:

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The palette of adventure sports and other activities of the goa tourism have developed well to facilitate team building activities for corporate retreats. There are numerous beach resorts in Goa as well travel agencies that showcases itineraries that accommodate such activities as well. The list of things to do in goa for team building includes adventure sports such as kayaking, catamaran sailing, river rafting, paintball challenge, amazing race challenge, and even underwater Treasure hunts! So be sure to pick for Goa if a corporate retreat is what you are planning.