The Scenes of Adventure Sports in Goa

The palette of adventure sports in Goa, populate a coastline that stretches beyond a 100 Kilometers, so it does pass for the phrase ‘As Far as the Eye can See’. When you look to the land to find rivers and streams that run for more than 250 km, well I doubt you need more. Nevertheless, you have the hills and forests that lie in between. So Now you have more than what you bargained for when looking for the things to do in goa. That is why you need to cook up any reason to pack your bags and head off to Goa – a blissful paradise built like a dream.


When on Land:

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All the places to visit in goa have an abundance of both flora and fauna. The primary example being the famous Salim Ali Bird sanctuary. Places such as these are ideal for activities such as short hikes and cycling with a birdwatching experience as the cherry on top. The sanctuary is located in Chorao Island, and can be accessed by a ferry from a village known as Ribandar. Another place you could try for similar activities are the Chorla Ghats located at the intersection of the borders between Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka.

The hills here have also created a number of gorges and water pools where ‘Canyoning’ has been catching on. This is a sport wherein you go down a stream of water that flows at a very high speed, kind of like a joy ride offered by nature like the ones you may have seen in one of those water-themed amusement parks. Another feature of these hills are the cliffs where you can try and learn rappelling, where you descend down a vertical face of with a rope coiled around you and one end fixed on top of the cliff so you don’t fall, giving you a ‘Batman’ experience you should not miss.

By the Rivers:

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The rivers offer another range of activities in goa. The first one being Kayaking, a sport in which the paddler sits front facing on a canoe-like boat known as a kayak and paddles using a double blade paddle along a river. Kayaking is not very strenuous but offers a rather calming experience along these rivers.

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On the other hand, white water rafting is the challenging one. This uses an inflatable raft to navigate the rough waters along rivers and are manned by a group of at least three people depending on the size of the raft. It is said to be a recreational sport that offers an exciting, fun and exhilarating experience that is not to be missed from the list of watersports in goa.


Along the Sea:

Among the adventure sports in Goa, these set of activities holds the limelight and is one of the main reasons people make Goa their vacation’s nest.

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Snorkelling and Scuba Diving are the two activities that are practiced underwater. The former does not involve a lot of training or equipment. Just the courage to plunge yourself into the water should suffice. Snorkelling is just swimming on the surface of the sea with a diving mask attached to a ‘J’ shaped breathing tube known as a snorkel. The purpose of this is to give you a seamless experience of watching the breathtaking world below the sea. Scuba diving, on the other hand, involves diving down to experience the underwater life up close, equipped with equipments like oxygen cylinders and snorkels. So it would take a few classes before you can actually go scuba diving.

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The rest of the main activities are done above the surface of the water, like jet skiing, and surfing. Some even require a daring spirit, like windsurfing, a sport that cocktails both sailing and surfing to create a new kind of watersport. If you want a little more of a punch, try wakeboarding or flyboarding.

You also have a bunch of activities tailored for those looking for a one time experience which does not require any training. Some of the popular ones are parasailing, paddle boarding, Kneeboarding, and banana boat rides.

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