Miniature Gardens: New gifting trend in the city

Miniature Gardening is still an unusual concept to many in Hyderabad, and we have taken up the task of spreading the love that these bundles of joy have to offer.

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Ain’t that a beautiful little thing to own?

A miniature garden is the perfect blend of tiny trees, plants, hardscaping and garden accessories that are scaled uniformly to create a lasting, living garden scene or vignette.

The world of gardening is seeing a sudden rushing trend in these miniature creations. Is this a newly found discovery or a revival of an old form of botanical art?

The idea of Miniature Gardening is believed to have originated from the art Penjing in China or Saikei in Japan. Penjing is the art of potted landscapes, and Saikei means “tray scenery”. Small has been considered botanically beautiful since the 12th century when Japanese elite first began Saikei to create the art of Bonsai. Cypress, willow, maple, and many other trees were coaxed into artful shapes.  Little mud-men figures and other mud details were added to create intricate specimens.  

In the 1950’s, Anne Ashberry, a nursery owner in Essex, England created the first known miniature gardens. She originally began planting miniature gardens in troughs set on pedestals to enable handicapped and elderly people to continue gardening in comfort.  Later, she gave these mini gardens to people living in apartments or those with small balconies or courtyards. Many of her creations were exhibited throughout England. Even Princess Elizabeth received one as a gift.

The art of creating these miniature gardens spread around the world in its own ways. As opposed to the mud-men figures in asian “trays”, people adapted to use what suited their culture the most; for example, Anne’s gardens were adorned with walls, paths, bridges, and some statuary. This hobby has now spanned out to create various types of tiny gardens, including Fairy gardens, Teacup gardens, and Broken pot gardens; with ponds, benches, bird baths, house etc.

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Furthermore, miniature gardening does not necessarily need to use Bonsai plants. You can use any low maintenance plant with thick trunks and branches that lift the tiny shrub off the ground to look like a little tree. Normally, it is best to avoid plants which require a lot of root pruning for a miniature garden.

Of course, gardening on a small scale requires the same landscape principles of placement and proportion, knowledge of plants, care and maintenance. Seems too much trouble? Wondering if you can make this and take care of it as well?

We are here to solve your problem; we provide you with all that you need, along with necessary advice on how to take care of your little garden. Book today to make your own miniature garden or if you wish to gift one to a loved one!

Come join RuddBuddy for Miniature Gardening in Hyderabad.

The beauty of a garden can be appreciated on any scale.  But a miniature landscape holds a special enchantment for anyone who appreciated this revival of the art of “tray scenery”.

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